Hollywood Vocabulary (RE)

Hollywood Vocabulary (RE) 1.0

Software that allows the user to learn in english the russian language

The working principle is very easy. It imitates a job with cards. At the beginning, the card from the right side is shown to you. There is its content in the upper left field of the operating panel. Further, you try to remember what is written on the reverse side of the card. Regardless of your result, you turn over the card – and push the button Answer. In the left lower field of the operating panel the content of the card reverse side is appeared, and at the same time the examples and explanations are emerged into the right field. You compare this information with that you manage to remember. If your answer coincides with the card content, push the button Correct, if not, Incorrect. The system processes your answer and suggests you the next card. Then the procedure is repeating.

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